Win races, perform extreme-speed maneuvers and acrobatics in free flight to hone your skills and get bonus coins to purchase and repair various spare parts.

A physically accurate model of the drone involves damage of varying severity. Prevent your drone from contact with obstacles. A lifelike drone behaviour and destruction of its individual parts in the crash. Repair and buy different spare parts for boosting characteristics of the drone.

Real RC remote control support. It is advisable to connect the transmitter from your drone or Gamepad!

A few models of multicopters are available for upgrading. Each of them possesses unique characteristics, such as the engine power, control accuracy, signal range, wind resistance, flight duration and other factors.

Purchase and upgrade of different workpieces:

  • Batteries - increase the flight duration

  • Sets of frames - the selection of three types of frames (tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter)

  • Engines - increase speed and power

  • GPS Module - allows to revert authomatically and cope with wind drift

  • The set of telemetry - visualization of telemetry screen with parameters output (Speed, Altitude, Wind, Battery Level, Signal Strength)

  • Ultrasonic sensor - reduces the percentage of random crash at low altitude

  • Extreme Camera - GoPro

  • Stability of suspension for GoPro Camera

  • Video Transmitter - increases the range of the video signal

Except for the races, in each location you can explore the terrain in free flight, collect coins in different places:

  • Hangar

  • Village

  • Village Night

  • Rocks

You're a beginner, and want to experience yourself as a drone pilot?

There's bad weather outside, and your own drone is gathering dust on the shelf?

Broken down your drone, and are bored awaiting for a long-expected parcel?

You want to gain skills of drone control from the basic to acrobatic ones, and save on spare parts?