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Vadim Silver & Bastian Petersen are creating DARK INVASION VR: DOOMSDAY

You can soon attend to the closed beta for Dark Invasion VR, we are going to introduce the beginning of the Dark Invasion. Get ready to swing your arms and run through an immersive horror shooter adventure in VR. Dive into the beginning of the Dark Invasion and prepare to survive the first episode "Bunker Doomsday!" from the first season of "Karens revenge!".


In 1985, a peaceful life of a quiet industrial town have turned into a pure nightmare. Police started to receive phone calls about aggressive creatures attacking citizens.


Win races, perform extreme-speed maneuvers and acrobatics in Virtual Reality Environment to hone your skills and get bonus coins to purchase parts.


Racing driving simulator in VR. Support automatic and manual H-gearbox with clutch!


Funny racing on Hoverbikes, against cars on different tracks. Take care of the upgrade, painting parts and overtake race cars on the track.