Get ready to swing your arms and run through an immersive horror shooter adventure in VR. Dive into the beginning of the Dark Invasion and prepare to survive the first demo episode of "Dark Invasion VR: Doomsday"! Quests, Zombies and guns!

It´s 1985 and you are John Beggart, member of a team that is working on the reconstruction of a old bunker that survived the 2nd world war. He does not know that his world would soon fall over. John shivers and reminds his former school days as he gets near the entrance, he remembers how Karen got lost in this place of forsaken fairy tales... this was 20 years ago, they just wanted to play...they never found her again... till today..

Find Karen and shoot your way through the rows of the undead or use melee weapons to fight your way to the outside of the bunker! Something happened to Karen, she seems not to be the same anymore. Archive quests to progress onto your adventure.

A meteorite crushes onto earth and nobody knows what is going on, the world gets overrun by zombies, monster and aliens. 

The bunker is the first episode of the game and gets extended in development, we prepared a lot of maps for your audience. The next planed episode after the bunker is the city that got overrun by the army of the dark invasion, here we also prepared lots of maps already and are soon able to hand them over to you.

After that we planed to head into the heart of the dark invasions main alien ship and all content surely include lots of carnage and quests. Be ready to defend earth!

If we get enough players and funds for the development of the project, we are going to develop a multiplayer mode for the game. We also planed a skill system and customizable weapons, as well as many more improvements.