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Joe Beggart is on duty to protect the Ukraine. A soldier trained heavily for combat situations. He thought it would be a normal day but his day is soon turning into a living nightmare.

At that day the russians start a missplaned attack against the Ukraine, Joe grabs his preferred weapon to stop the Zombie Russian Soldiers that got infected by a sick experiment of Putin.

Joe is the son of John Beggart, our hero of Dark Invasion VR: Doomsday, John trained Joe in every aspect to survive such a situation way before Joe joined the army.

In memory of every fallen person of the current war situation in the Ukraine. Russia turned against the world and brainwashed the Russian people, that is why we created the intruders in this game as Zombies.

Joe starts his fight against the Russian invaders in Bucha, we plan to extend the battle in some updates around the legendary battlefields of Chornobayivka airport and Azovstal.